FBI Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting Services for USA FBI

Fingerprint service for FBI USA in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata for getting PCC, Criminal Record Check, Medical License, Physiotherapy License, Job, Adoption, FINRA.

We are one of the certified fingerprinting agency who does fingerprinting on original FBI FD 258 Card for FBI USA.


FBI FD 258 Card


We provide crystal clear and smudge free fingerprinting in all over India. Click here to check quality of fingerprinting.


Steps to get the fingerprinting done for Criminal Record Check from FBI USA are:

Expedited Services for US citizens and Permanent Legal Resident (having a US address)

  1. Contact us to make an appointment, and walk-in with two Govt. photo ID proof.
  2. We will take your fingerprints on FBI FD 258 Card and will complete the other documents for you.
  3. We will send completed forms to our channel partner (FBI approved channeller) via courier.
  4. The FBI channeller will digitize the fingerprints and electronically transmit it to the FBI.
  5. FBI will send the certified Criminal Record Check to the US address that you have mention in the application form.


For US Non Resident

  1. Send an email or call us on our phone number to book an appointment.
  2. Once, appointment is booked please come to our office with a Govt. photo ID proof.
  3. We will take your fingerprints for FBI USA on FD 258 Card and will also help in completing your application form.
  4. We will help you in making the payment of FBI fees of $ 18.
  5. We will complete your application and ship it to FBI via FedEx and will give you the tracking number of the same.
  6. FBI will send the result directly to your mailing address.


We also specialize in providing expedited services for getting Certified Record Check from FBI USA in 10 to 12* days time.

We also take care of the fees and help in completing your application form and other required documents for the same.

We provide services that are quick, easy and hassle free.

Cities that we are capable of covering and that had covered earlier for getting Criminal Record Check, PCC are:

Ahmedabad Bangalore/Bengaluru Chandigarh
Mumbai Kolkata Hyderabad
Delhi Pune Nawada
Ujjain Dehradun Noida
Ernakulam Gurgaon Vadodara
Amritsar Lucknow Jaipur
Jammu Indore Sonipat
Ambala Srinagar Ajmer
Bhopal Mysore Raipur
Jalgaon Dispur Rajkot
Kochi Surat Jalandhar
Kanpur Chennai Nagpur
Ludhiana Patna Pathankot
Ooty Salem Coimbatore
Vishakhpatnam Thiruvananthapuram Bhubaneswar

We also provide Home Fingerprinting Services for getting Police Clearance Certificate FBI USA at extra nominal cost.