Expedited Quick Services for Police Clearance Certificate

Expedited quick service one stop complete solution for obtaining the Police Clearance Certificate, Criminal Record Check, Criminal History Record Check, Police Check etc. We help in providing the Police Check Certificate from RCMP Canada, FBI USA, UAE Dubai Police, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Singapore (COC) etc etc.

We specialize in providing expedited service in obtaining the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). We take your fingerprints, complete your application form (Other paper work as required) and also help in submitting your fees for obtaining the police record check by different law enforcement agencies.


Steps to obtain the expedited Police Clearance Certificate:-
  • Call us or send an email to book an appointment.
  • Come to our office or avail our home service facility with two Govt. photo ID proofs.
  • We take your fingerprints, completing your paperwork and also take care of the fees.
  • We will forward your completed documents to the concern authority for further processing your application.
  • The result of your Police Check will be send to you as per the instructions in your application form.


We provide this service all over India. Countries for which we specialize in providing complete solution for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or expedited quick service solutions are:

United States FBI (USA)         Canada RCMP
United Arab Emirates (UAE)     Singapore
Kuwait   Qatar
Oman        United Kingdom (UK)


Our fingerprinting services are error freecrystal clear and smudge free and are 100% acceptable by any law enforcement agencies.

We have office location or expert located at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Kolkata etc etc.

We also provide home service for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) solutions at extra nominal cost.