Criminal Background Check

Get Criminal Background Check for various countries in India

We help in providing Criminal Background Check or Criminal History Record Check from different countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Hong Kong, etc etc in India.

We specialize in providing fingerprint services for obtaining Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Background Check / Criminal History Record Check / Good Conduct Certificate from countries like:-

USA (FBI) Canada (RCMP) UAE 
Australia (AFP) South Africa Hong Kong
Eritrea Singapore (CNCC) Qatar
Bahrain Saudi Arabia Thailand
Nigeria Zambia Swaziland
Dominica Kuwait Oman
Antigua and Barbuda Anguilla Trinidad and Tobago
Malawi Macao Barbados
Peru Iran Philippines
Indonesia Ghana Kenya
Bolivia Ethiopia St. Lucia
State Police Grenada Namibia
Mexico Solomon Islands Mauritius
Sudan Jordan Belize
Jamaica Honduras St. Vincent
Dubai Botswana Abu Dhabi
Tanzania Bahamas Gambia
Afghanistan Uganda Portugal


We also provide total complete solution for obtaining Criminal Background Check from various countries in India for the purpose of Visa, Immigration, PR, Adoption, FINRA, which include recording of fingerprints, completion of your paperwork and submitting all required documents to the law enforcement agencies.

We also provide fingerprint service for above listed countries in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh etc etc for getting Criminal Background Check, Police Clearance Certificate, Certificate of Clearance, Criminal Record Check, Medical License, Physiotherapy License, Job, Adoption, FINRA in India.

We provide crystal clear, error free and smudge free total solution of fingerprinting services.

We also provide Home Fingerprinting Services for getting Criminal Background Check from the above listed countries at extra nominal cost.