Digital electronic fingerprinting for Antigua and Barbuda in Darjeeling

We are one of the leading fingerprinting agencies /experts in Darjeeling who are capable of providing digital or electronic fingerprinting in Darjeeling.

We use Antigua and Barbuda approved fingerprinting scanners that are easily readable by the AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Investigation System). These fingerprints are crystal clear, smudge free and acceptable by Antigua and Barbuda Police.

We are capable of doing digital fingerprinting on prescribed format. These fingerprint are done with the help of special fingerprint scanner and though a software /computer. You need not dirty your hands with the fingerprint ink and there is no need for washing your hands afterwards.

Steps involved in getting digital fingerprints:-                    

  1. Book an appointment for getting your fingerprint done from our trained fingerprint expert by calling our hotline number at +91 9868106032 or mail us at info@jkconsultancy.in;
  2. You need to come to our office or can request service with Two Govt. photo Id proof. Passport, DL, Voter ID, PAN card etc. etc. and other required documents as requested;
  3. We will do your fingerprinting with the help of the Antigua and Barbuda certified fingerprint scanner and a software / computer;
  4. The printout of fingerprinting will be provided on prescribed form;
  5. The same will be handed over to you or processed further as required.


 Fingerprint Services in Darjeeling:

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