Be Aware of Self Made Fingerprint Expert

  • Check there authentication by asking for the fingerprint expert course certificate.
  • Forensic expert might have read about fingerprinting but may not be a master in the fingerprint science. Always go for a certified fingerprint expert for this sort of a work.
  • Fingerprint expert will never tell you that recording of fingerprint is a tedious job. Be aware from the experts who tell you that recording of fingerprint is a tedious job and will take few hours to be done. Maximum time with inking method should not be more than 20 min to 25 min for per person per set.
  • Ask the records/data of the people whose fingerprints have been done for medical license, criminal background check, Criminal History Records clearance and police clearance certificate. (Do not listen to the excuses that they cannot share the record/data as it is a confidential data).
  • A good fingerprint expert will be able to take the fingerprints in the prescribed format in the first go. He will not make 3 to 4 attempts to take the fingerprint on the prescribed format and will also not ask the person to practice several times before taking the fingerprint on the prescribed format.
  • Make sure to compare the charges, qualification, experience and quality of work before assigning any work to any fingerprint expert.
  • Apparatus used will speak the skill and knowledge of the expert.